Marcus Mariota Named NFL Offensive


Marcus Mariota Named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month I agree. I am an Oregon fan and I thought of Mariota the same way I did Wilson when he played us in the Rose Bowl. They both have excellent decision making skills and will beat you with their arm but will run if they need to. They also know how to avoid unnecessary hits. I knew Wilson would be good (And was pissed the Seahawks grabbed him) And I knew Mariota would be fine as long as he didn go to a shitty situation. Whiz is a good coach and I loved him when he was with us.Whisenhunt was answering questions on Tuesday night, And made it seem like he wasn opposed to Mettenberger getting a starting position somewhere else. But I assume he referring to a hypothetical scenario where Palmer gets hurt (Can rule that out with his age injury history) And the Cards want to trade for a backup with some potential but also some starting NFL experience whom they believe can keep their playoff hopes afloat. And he saying that Mett would do well in Arians system, Which I tend to agree with, As long as the O Line can keep him clean. Fitz has always been a favorite of mine since he was killing DBs in college, So I really glad to see him re asserting himself as one of the league better receivers. Feels like people have kind of forgotten about him over the past few seasons since his stats have dipped, But I think a lot of that was due to bad QB play and not as much a decline in his physical skills. Yes, He older and likely slower than he once was, But he just as good a route runner and his hands still might as well be made of glue.His pocket presence isn bad. His accuracy is meh compared to Matiota but it good by any other standard. He was also playing with literal 4th string linemen.


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