We live in a world of possibilities and possibilities give us


Don’t buy the can or carton of soup make your own vegetable stock. Don’t buy prepackaged oatmeal buy whole oats and make your own. Other foods you can make yourself include cheese and bread. I not American, so please enlighten me. If he really Cheap jordans shoes said the “n word” while quoting someone, is it really considered to be that bad? I mean, the mere record of him saying that, in any circumstances, is enough for him to be kicked out of his “own” company? Of course, I understand he could be me misrepresenting things.side IASIP note: That reminds me of when Charlie was quoting a black guy and the waitress hears him saying that, so he goes on a crusade to prove he not racist.Edit: just to be clear, I was genuinely curious since I don fully understand American culture on this. I not taking a position.

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